30 Things I’ve come to Know in my 30’s

1)   Life is not Instant Pudding; it takes work to make it come together.

2)   The best decisions I have made thus far have required HUGE leaps of faiths- it’s worth the risk to take the jump.

3)   How far down Rock Bottom is, is different depending on the situation and the person; but there is always a way to climb up and out.

4)   It’s not always rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns- but it’s always worth it to hold on to optimism. Negativity invites negative things into your world.

5)   People come into our lives for a reason. Some stay, some go, and some come and go over and over again… But every relationship we form has value and has a lesson and meaning.

6)   Anger, resentment, and bitterness get you absolutely nowhere- Get off the Cross we need the Wood!

7)   It is valuable to learn the art of true forgiveness- forgive and forget is an adage that doesn’t hold a lot of validity but forgiveness is an action that is continuous and is as much for you as it is for the person you give forgiveness to.

8)   Feel things immediately. Take the time to work through situations as they come, because burying things will only turn to poison. Don’t linger though.

9)   Failure has its place in our lives- Failures today will be a life lesson to help us succeed in the future. They are part of what makes up who we become, but they are not what define us.

10)          Money does not grow on trees. SAVE!!! Your Dad and Dave Ramsey were super right!

11)          Credit Cards are the devil in your 20’s. It’s a conspiracy that they would even give someone under the age of 25 a credit card!

12)          Those milestone birthdays 13-16-18-21… All seem silly and childish when you get to 30. You laugh really hard that you ever thought you were a grown up at 18 or 21. And you will likely laugh at yourself when you are 40 for thinking you were grown at 30.

13)          Even the best laid plans do not mean that you will accomplish that plan. Life is a 60/40 split of Fate and Planning.

14)          Your bull shit tolerance somehow disappears the closer you get to 30. Drama that used to be normal to you won’t even consider putting up with now that you have moved away from your 20’s.

15)          Somewhere in my late teens I was given multiple examples that relationships are full of drama and angst. It turns out that those were examples of what NOT to do.

16)          Love should be easy, and by easy I don’t mean that there is no work involved and nothing to overcome… But there should be little to know drama.

17)          If someone cheats on you, that is there affliction not yours. They also will do it again more often than they will not.

18)          Something that feels like the end of the world today will not hold much meaning 1, 5, 10, or 20 years from now. Take things in stride. You will one day laugh about things that have made you cry.

19)          You make you happy, if you happen to find someone you can be happy with that is just icing on the cake.

20)          Take all that you can from every job you hold. Regardless if it’s 10 month at Hell-Mart or 8 years in a hotel, there is something of value to be learned that will take you closer to your goals.

21)          Going to college isn’t a necessity but it will make a difference in the opportunities and the money that comes your way.

22)          Love is eternal regardless of the outcome because it creates something that wasn’t there before.

23)          Your soul can be tied so deeply to a pet that it will be as great of a loss losing them as it would a human family member.

24)          Sometimes you have to walk away from something/someone, because no matter how much you wanted it to work you can’t lose yourself in the process.

25)          Do not let a theology or a human being dictate your faith. No one has the right to tell you what and/or who to believe in.

26)          People will believe what they want to believe, regardless if it’s hateful and harmful. You will end up beating your head against the wall trying to figure out how someone who doesn’t even know you can hate you. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out why, just live your live as an inherently good person. Be the change you want to see.

27)          When you do want to stand up for something you believe in, do so peacefully, tastefully, and with a TRUE UNDERSTANDING of both sides of the debate. Form your own opinion by researching both sides and opinions from the middle ground. This world is not black and white… You gotta understand the gray.

28)          Do not commit things to film the internet, or your skin that you do not want to have to explain or hide from your parents, children, grandchildren, or a very importantly a future employer. We do not live in a world of anonymity, so make good choices.

29)          Change is inevitable. Regardless if you want it or not it is always, always going to happen!

30)          I have no doubt that the best is yet to come in life! Every day I wake up and I am thankful for the chance to see another day.


Biggest Loser Casting Call

Hi all you lovelies out there in Blogger World!

I know I’ve been gone for a while but I’ve just been working on having something interesting to write about! (I know, I know excuses excuses!)

These past few weeks I have been really just living the program and trying to find new and exciting foods and work outs that work for me.

Stats are always interesting so here they are

As of week 8 on Weight Watchers

  • I am approaching 20lbs down!
  • I have really started to feel a difference in my body
  • My Jeans are loose as a goose!
  • Oh and I have signed up to do a 4 mile what to support MS research on 4/9/2011

So lots of positive things have been happening in my little corner of the world. To top it all of I finally have something really fun to blog about!

Who wouldn’t love to have the chance to be on the Biggest Loser?! Even if you are already super fit, could you imagine having weeks and weeks to work on becoming the healthiest  you can be? Well my crazy friend Kelly called me up last Friday afternoon and said “Hey We are going to go try out for Biggest Loser tomorrow!” Why would I ever argue with that!?!?!?

We made a plan to meet up and make something fun to wear (cause that is how we roll, and to work on the 15 page application that we downloaded off the Biggest Loser site, that we found out later we didn’t need 😦

We worked so long on our application that we didn’t even leave my house to go off the Wally World for matching out fit supplies until 12am! We ran around that store like crazy women and came up with men’s 4xl gray sweat suits (true story they cost us like $6 bucks!) Pink Headbands and Wristbands, and Pink Puffy Paint.

Once we made it home I was beyond delirious and ready for bed but first we had to create our AWESOME outfits. We finally got to sleep around 2am and were back up at 6am to be out and headed downtown at 7am. We had originally planned on being there at 5am but there was no way that was going to happen!!!!

I guess I should show you all some of the great pictures we took that day (more rambling on our adventure to follow ;))

My Future Pink Team Teammate

It was uncomfortably cold when we got there and there was already a huge line!!!! The first lady in line got there at 5pm the day before (sorry lady but I’m not about sleeping outside downtown ;))

Super long line of fatties!

The Auditions were held at the War Momorial Auditorium. A really cool and regularly over looked grecian style building in downtown Nashville… I will need to head back there soon to take some more pictures 🙂


We took some time to survey our “competition” and were really surprised to find ourselves on the smaller end of the size scale. It was incredible to see how many seriously obese people made it out that day. It made my heart genuinely hurt to see so many people who could barely stand or sit, and we heard some really incredible stories.

We somehow managed to keep ourselves entertained by people watching and socializing for 7 Hours!

I sang to my self a lot, turned down pamphlet from those crazy “supplement” people, told Kelly allllllllllllll about the people on my blog roll (specifically Danica cause of her love of the show) 

I won’t lie and say that we were as perky and happy when we finally got to the doors to audition. It was a looooooooooooong 7 hours with some of the people around us 😉


Kell contimplating our winning strategy

The line for us started 179 people away from here 🙂

When we finally made it in we weren’t able to take pictures. Basically they lined us up for another 20 minute wait while the casting directors at lunch (speaking of lunch we were dying of hunger!!!)

They escorted our little line of about 10 people into a room and one very perky skinny lady named Joy asked us a bunch of questions in a round table sort of way. Then she went into a speech about how this is just one way to lose weight and if we didn’t make it we need to find the strength with in ourselves to make our dreams come true. Really I couldn’t decide if it was inspiring or condescending. She was nice enough but I mean I wasn’t putting any more than a saturday morning into this so eh I don’t know… I was probably just cranky from standing 6.5 of the 7 hours (a personal challenge to my self) and from my lack of food planning…

We waved good-bye to this experience and have some pretty funny pictures and wicked fun outfits to look back on..

Be back VERY soon with some weight watchers stats, food and a See it Sunday post.




Would you or have you ever tried out for a reality show?


What are your feelings of crazy outfits in public?

Cold Days

During the winter I struggle a lot working nights… I’ve  been doing it for so long now you think I would be used to it but honestly I just can’t stand this short, cold days much longer. Ughhhhh!

Ok ok I will stop complaining about it and get on with what made getting up when it is cold and dark better.

Southern Style Chicken and Dumplings!

I woke up today to find that D had been busy in the kitchen making her grandmother’s chicken and dumpling recipe. Points wise I took from the recipe D built on her Livestrong. The grand total was 14 points+ for the extra tasty and hardy amount I ate. I estimated a little over that just because her cooking usually is a lot of guesstimates and pinches of this and that.

Oh it was so warm and comforting. D was such a sweetie for making it.

The recipe as I understand it starts pretty simple with a pot of water, chicken legs, a breast, and thighs. Add in some carrots and other stuff (you see how much she tells me about it) and let it cook down till the chicken is cooked to the fall off the bone point. She removed the bones and such and adds in pieces of biscuits and cooks them until they float or something like that. I am not much of a “Southern Cook” even after 7 years here in Nashville.

On a side note… Look at this face! Bailey is trying to help me blog 😉

Well I’m off to relax with Ms. Pitiful before heading in to work. Nighty Night all!

See It Sunday

I’m a very visual person… There is nothing more fulfilling then me to be able to see the change in my body as I take this journey to lose my fat suit… So here my first of “Feature” here at the Orange.. “See it Sunday”

Eventually I will be using pictures of my own body but first I gotta get the right shots… So here are some pictures from one of my favorite motivational sites My Virtual Model. It’s easy to imagine where you are headed on your journey with MVM. I have a pretty pear shaped body shape so the pear shape setting works best for me. It takes some tweeking but you can usually get a great visual of your own body.

So here is a real picture of of me at my largest- 320lbs

I am the second one from left to right. Totally miserable after walking around downtown Nashville with my Twin (Far left) and our two best friends from growing up.

I am going to use the MVM’s for the rest of our See It Sunday

Start of WW 274lbs

How did I go from 320 to 274… Well honestly I did it after a really bad breakup. The weight flew off over a 5 month period of time. I pretty much hit a brick wall at 274 until WW Points Plus.

Current 262lbs

Not anything hugely different but I am feeling good

First WW goal 254lb (also known as my pre Nashville weight)

Before I moved to Nashville I was a lot more fit even though I was overweight. I am looking forward to shedding the next 8lbs to be back at that weight.

6 Month Goal (AKA 28th Birthday Goal) 224lbs

I am pretty confident in a 50lb 6 month goal. As much as I would like to be in “Onederland” by then slow and steady wins the race..

High School Reunion goal (October 2011) 204lbs

My 10 year reunion is at the end of October this year. When I go I will be 50lbs lighter then when I graduated.

Final Personal Heath Goal- 154lbs (However long it takes)


Well that was a fun… See y’all later



Suburu Game Day Dog Walk

A few weeks back I noticed an invite on the side of my facebook page to sign up for  the Suburu Game Day Dog Walk. What a perfect excuse to get up and get out on a day that is usually full of eating and couch camping.

The Walk is free and it will be a wonderful way to support the partnership between Suburu and the ASPCA! So go quick sign up before the game!

Might as well take this chance to introduce…

My Kids

Emily– My little bear, my fuzzy mutt, my chunks (Em’s on a weight loss program too!) I’ve had her literally since the day she was born and she’ll be 5 years old on 2/28/11! Can’t believe how fast time has flown by

Bailey- Boo, BooBoo Butt, Lap Pup, the Stalker… She is 4.5lbs of  awesome! She is unlike and chihuahua I have ever met before. You’ll for sure see a lot of her here on OYGTSM!

We’re starting the day way earlier then a normal work night so we can enjoy the sun and “warm” breeze blowing…

Breakfast is a bowl of oats with almonds, peanut butter, and a spoonful of unsweetened apple sauce. Totally yummy and only 8 +points. Not too shabby when you are on the higher end of the point scale…

Loving the unsweetened apple sauce lately and loving it a hundred times more because its ZERO points…

Happy Game Day All! Uh I’ll just say Go Team! Don’t want to start a riot 😉

Getting into the swing…

Well Hello Bloggie Friends! I’ve been a huge blog slacker lately. Work has been crazy but it is finally Friday so time to catch y’all up on how things are going. And show you my extra yummy oats….image

I am really happy to say that after a month on Weight Watchers I have lost 12lbs! On my way to my goal aka “Onederland” (anyone else love those Aqua girls on Biggest Loser?)

At first I was kinda driving myself (and D) crazy trying to the program “perfectly”. I don’t know what I was thinking because the best thing about about WW is that you can make it your own so there is no one “perfect way”.

Basically I’ve been eating when I’m hungry, but only when I am truly hungry. I’ve been working really hard a regonizing my bodies hunger ques. Since I am losing weight I am guessing its working. I’m working on getting the most value out of my points and using my plus points for non whole foods and for any eating out or adult beverages.

I want to come back later today about how I am working the program in to being a broke biah! I’m definatley putting that on my to do!

Ok I’ve been rambling and the cloud covered sun is setting… Time to finish my yummy pumpkin almond oats and take big dog (whose on her own weight loss program) for our 2nd walk of the day…


Free Food

I’m not sure if anyone of you has ever worked in a hotel before… But one of the biggest blessing/curses is the constant flow of free food. Loads and loads of free food come into our back office on an almost daily basis. I say this is blessing and a curse because when I first started here I had only been in Nashville for about a month and my funds were depleted the free food kept me fed when it would have come down to living off a bag of .99 cent something. Now there is a curse to free food… Oh trust me there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Our staff has a running joke we tell every newbie “You’ll also receive a bonus 15lbs with your new position”.  On any given day our staff receives at least one (sometimes 3) free pizzas, the leftovers of our less then healthy breakfast buffet (which explains the serious bacon addiction people gain from working here), the remainder of what ever was brought in by caters for the meeting rooms, and a market literally parked next to the entrance to our office that is filled with junk food (we have to buy this stuff but still!!!)

Up until a few weeks ago I would rely on one of those sources for my meals while here at work. There is nothing well balanced with a meal that would consist of Doritos, candy, and way too many slices of pizza. So now before I leave for work on Sunday nights I pack all the non perishables and a few refrigerator items so that I have what I need in my newly acquired (rescued from store room) mini fridge and in the cabinet in my office. The day and evening staffs are becoming quite used to taking their free fare with them as the leave, and I have been staying the hell out of the Market! I also pack leftovers from First Meal based on my points plan for the day.

I hadn’t had really any tough challenges until the other day when I walked in and I swear to you that the office looked like a buffet. There was an entire pizza, 3 trays of cobbler and brownies, a tray of pulled pork, Mac and cheese, beans, barbeque bread (fried bread), and a half a dozen barbequed chicken breasts. I swear to you it was like someone had read my post about my ED and decided that I needed to be tested. It didn’t help that I had also had a bit a tiff with D (I’ll keep the details to myself on that) so I was feeling that slight tinge in my stomach and mind that it sure would be nice to have that Painfully Full feeling.

When my housemen joined me in the office, she must have seen the look of panic and disgust on my face. She asked me if she should take it or leave it. I calmly told her to give me just a minute and I would take care of it myself. I forced myself to come back to reality and face my food issues in a controlled, rational, healthy way. I already had food planned and pack for the day so I went and grabbed a cart from the kitchen. I piled on the deserts, bread, Mac and Cheese, beans, the pizza onto the cart.

While I was in the kitchen I grabbed one take out container which I filled with the chicken breasts and about a pound of pulled pork, that I took home and froze for another day. Lets face it meat ain’t cheap and I gotta save money where I can, plus the chicken breasts were perfectly portions (yes it was real chicken). I wrapped all the “leavings” and put them in the fridge for the day staff the next day. I also I also set aside one small brownie (way smaller then anything I have ever cut before) to be consumed using 7 of my Points+ allowance and when I was actually hungry.

This may sound like I am obsessing in the opposite direction now, but really it was a milestone to me that I could handle throwing away/giving away this food with out binging all night and bring it home to binge the next day.

Today however the free food was a blessing. I had a terrible time falling asleep today and woke up very late with no time to eat First Meal. When I came in there was a cheese pizza. I ate two slice for first meal with an orange and had one slice with my soup much later in my shift for second meal. Then I threw it away!

Free food truly is a blessing and a curse…

PS I promise there will be pictures and daily food journals starting next post 😛