Hello Blogosphere!

Welcome to Orange You Glad to See Me (OYGTSM)!

I have been a long time blog reader. Much like many of you I am sure you started the same way. Randomly stumbling across an incredibly addictive Food/Lifestyle/Fitness Blog that snow balls into a Google Reader with 20 new blogs to read a day.

I guess I should start off by telling you a little bit about myself.

This is me… In varying moods 😉


I am 27 years old. I live in the wonderful city of Nashville, TN; although I was born in NJ, raised in FL, and went to high school in FL/NJ/and Delaware! I have had a healthy mix of influences in my life and would like to think that although I have so much more to learn I have absorbed a lot. I am a “Dog Mom” with a love life I really doubt I will be blogging much about (kinda complicated right now). I work for a world leader in the hotel industry and have for the past almost 7 years. I write, sing, paint, draw, and well create for fun. I aspire to see and do, but right now I am focused on learning to take far better care of my self.

That really brings me to the I guess what you could call the “Mission Statement” of this blog. My wonderful Mother bought me a 3 month membership to the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program. I was actually drawn to it by Danica at http://danicasdaily.com. I have been reading her blog for a while and when I saw how much she was enjoying the new WW program. I had to try it!!!! Oh and you have to check out her latest contest to win a fabulous shirt!!!! 


Danica in her Awesome Shirt!



I am on day 4 of the program and so far I am loving it all. I haven’t tried any “diet programs” before this other than lowering calories on my own and a crazy diet a friend and I made up called the “Cup Diet” (more on that later). I am finally able to work out again after my NASTY car wreck back in May (again more on that later, gotta have something besides food to talk about lol) so I am feeling pretty optimistic about this new venture into the Weight Watchers and Blogsphere!

As for food, well it may not be very fancy at times but it will be about staying on the program and making the best food choice with what I got to work with.

So wish me luck currently nonexistent readers! (Gonna have to add that to my list Get Readers!)


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