Why Hotel Employees Hate Snow (day 5)

When you work for a business that never closes you learn very quickly there is no such thing as a snow day.

We received about 2-4 inches of snow here in Nashville Sunday night and even though to most east coasters like myself that isn’t much but it totally shuts the city of Nashville down. When they close down schools it means that people who feel they are entitled to call off for varying reasons, do. Even though I could have gone home it wasn’t worth my bosses panic and fear, since the first call off came in at 5am and more were sure to follow.

Even when there is a chance of snow I pack a bag before coming in to work. Since I work nights there is a huge chance that I will get stuck here and I have learned not to be unprepared. I packed everything right down to workout clothes, really if I could have I would pack my entire house!  I hate staying here! Even though we get our own rooms it still feels like what I imagine 9-5ers would feel like sleeping in their office or cube. It’s not home and its sure not vacation. I miss my dogs, bed, shower, TV, and the feeling that my work day has ended.  

Food in my hotel is either breakfast foods, questionable lunch meats (I’m really picky when it comes to that stuff), and junk from our Market. I would usually just order chinese food since I am pretty sure that they would deliver even if the world was ending. Weight Watchers of course would have been ok for that since I could have just gaged points and at smaller portions but I have found out rather quickly that I would rather eat healthy and feel more satisfied.

I went to the grocery store and bought some provisions for a couple of days. I ended up bring some home and using a lot of it for lunches this week.  I only had my phone to take pictures with so please forgive the quality.

Here’s what I bought

3/4 lbs of Egg Salad (Deli Style)

Wasa Crisp 7 Whole Grain Cracker Bread

4 packs of Justin’s Nut Butters (Totally on sale for .89 a pack)

1/2lbs of mixed Olives from the Olive Bar

3 Cans of Progresso Light

A bottle of Fat Free Soy Sesame Dressing

4 Tiny Little Cheese Squares

Broccoli Slaw Mix

3 Bags of Microwavable 2 Bite Potatoes (totally on sale for $1 a bag!!! 1 stayed at work and the other 2 went home)

A bottle of Mustard with Horseradish

It was $35 even when I paid the nice lady at Kroger :p But considering I would have spent at least $20 to have chinese I felt like I made the better choice to have lunch and snacks for most likely the rest of the week.

When you work nights a lot of the time you have Dinner for Breakfast and Breakfast for Dinner, so I like to call it First Meal.

First Meal

A bowl of Broccoli Slaw with Dressing (super yummy dressing) 1 point

4 Olives- 1 Point

1/2 a cup of Egg Salad- 8 points

6 Wasa Crackers- 3 points

A packet of Justin’s Hazelnut Chocolate Spread- 5Points

First Meal total- 19 Points

I am getting 42 points a day right now, it feels like a lot of food when I am eating the healthier options but it worked out for me today because I waited too long to eat after I woke up and was starving. Also turns out I was training a new person tonight and it was harder to walk about to eat First Snack and Second Meal.

First Snack

2 of those cute little cheese squares – 6 Points

First Snack Total- 6 points

Second Meal (Lunch for you Night Sleepers)

1 Can of Progresso Light Santa Fe Chicken (which I am totally addicted to 4points

1 Slice Whole Grain bread Toasted Dry (From the work kitchen) 2 points

1 Work Bannana – 0 points!

Second Meals Total- 6 points

Second Snack

12 Olives- 4 points

Second Snack Total- 4 points

I am going to admit that when it came to Third Meal (aka Dinner) I failed. I also won at the same time and so I am allowing my self to feel ok about it

Third Meal

Nothing!!! :(- 0 points

A lady that works in another kitchen comes in about twice a week with loads of fresh baked goodies. Today it was homemade Banana muffins with chocolate and tons of nuts.

I couldn’t even fathom that points that the butter and sugar laden muffins would be so I said no. I had gone over there to make my self a breakfast sandwich but I was so proud of my self from walking away from the muffin that I didn’t make my english muffin and egg 😦

I wasn’t sad about that until I got home (finally) and realized that I had missed Third meal. I was exhausted and not hungry (which is shocking) so I went straight to bed and snuggled up with some Anthony Bourdain and my pups.

All in all I survived the snow and stayed on the program! Yay me! Oh and I will add some pictures when my phone is done charging!

So what kinds of provisions would you like to have with you if you were snowed in?


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