Free Food

I’m not sure if anyone of you has ever worked in a hotel before… But one of the biggest blessing/curses is the constant flow of free food. Loads and loads of free food come into our back office on an almost daily basis. I say this is blessing and a curse because when I first started here I had only been in Nashville for about a month and my funds were depleted the free food kept me fed when it would have come down to living off a bag of .99 cent something. Now there is a curse to free food… Oh trust me there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Our staff has a running joke we tell every newbie “You’ll also receive a bonus 15lbs with your new position”.  On any given day our staff receives at least one (sometimes 3) free pizzas, the leftovers of our less then healthy breakfast buffet (which explains the serious bacon addiction people gain from working here), the remainder of what ever was brought in by caters for the meeting rooms, and a market literally parked next to the entrance to our office that is filled with junk food (we have to buy this stuff but still!!!)

Up until a few weeks ago I would rely on one of those sources for my meals while here at work. There is nothing well balanced with a meal that would consist of Doritos, candy, and way too many slices of pizza. So now before I leave for work on Sunday nights I pack all the non perishables and a few refrigerator items so that I have what I need in my newly acquired (rescued from store room) mini fridge and in the cabinet in my office. The day and evening staffs are becoming quite used to taking their free fare with them as the leave, and I have been staying the hell out of the Market! I also pack leftovers from First Meal based on my points plan for the day.

I hadn’t had really any tough challenges until the other day when I walked in and I swear to you that the office looked like a buffet. There was an entire pizza, 3 trays of cobbler and brownies, a tray of pulled pork, Mac and cheese, beans, barbeque bread (fried bread), and a half a dozen barbequed chicken breasts. I swear to you it was like someone had read my post about my ED and decided that I needed to be tested. It didn’t help that I had also had a bit a tiff with D (I’ll keep the details to myself on that) so I was feeling that slight tinge in my stomach and mind that it sure would be nice to have that Painfully Full feeling.

When my housemen joined me in the office, she must have seen the look of panic and disgust on my face. She asked me if she should take it or leave it. I calmly told her to give me just a minute and I would take care of it myself. I forced myself to come back to reality and face my food issues in a controlled, rational, healthy way. I already had food planned and pack for the day so I went and grabbed a cart from the kitchen. I piled on the deserts, bread, Mac and Cheese, beans, the pizza onto the cart.

While I was in the kitchen I grabbed one take out container which I filled with the chicken breasts and about a pound of pulled pork, that I took home and froze for another day. Lets face it meat ain’t cheap and I gotta save money where I can, plus the chicken breasts were perfectly portions (yes it was real chicken). I wrapped all the “leavings” and put them in the fridge for the day staff the next day. I also I also set aside one small brownie (way smaller then anything I have ever cut before) to be consumed using 7 of my Points+ allowance and when I was actually hungry.

This may sound like I am obsessing in the opposite direction now, but really it was a milestone to me that I could handle throwing away/giving away this food with out binging all night and bring it home to binge the next day.

Today however the free food was a blessing. I had a terrible time falling asleep today and woke up very late with no time to eat First Meal. When I came in there was a cheese pizza. I ate two slice for first meal with an orange and had one slice with my soup much later in my shift for second meal. Then I threw it away!

Free food truly is a blessing and a curse…

PS I promise there will be pictures and daily food journals starting next post 😛


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