See It Sunday

I’m a very visual person… There is nothing more fulfilling then me to be able to see the change in my body as I take this journey to lose my fat suit… So here my first of “Feature” here at the Orange.. “See it Sunday”

Eventually I will be using pictures of my own body but first I gotta get the right shots… So here are some pictures from one of my favorite motivational sites My Virtual Model. It’s easy to imagine where you are headed on your journey with MVM. I have a pretty pear shaped body shape so the pear shape setting works best for me. It takes some tweeking but you can usually get a great visual of your own body.

So here is a real picture of of me at my largest- 320lbs

I am the second one from left to right. Totally miserable after walking around downtown Nashville with my Twin (Far left) and our two best friends from growing up.

I am going to use the MVM’s for the rest of our See It Sunday

Start of WW 274lbs

How did I go from 320 to 274… Well honestly I did it after a really bad breakup. The weight flew off over a 5 month period of time. I pretty much hit a brick wall at 274 until WW Points Plus.

Current 262lbs

Not anything hugely different but I am feeling good

First WW goal 254lb (also known as my pre Nashville weight)

Before I moved to Nashville I was a lot more fit even though I was overweight. I am looking forward to shedding the next 8lbs to be back at that weight.

6 Month Goal (AKA 28th Birthday Goal) 224lbs

I am pretty confident in a 50lb 6 month goal. As much as I would like to be in “Onederland” by then slow and steady wins the race..

High School Reunion goal (October 2011) 204lbs

My 10 year reunion is at the end of October this year. When I go I will be 50lbs lighter then when I graduated.

Final Personal Heath Goal- 154lbs (However long it takes)


Well that was a fun… See y’all later




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