Cold Days

During the winter I struggle a lot working nights… I’ve  been doing it for so long now you think I would be used to it but honestly I just can’t stand this short, cold days much longer. Ughhhhh!

Ok ok I will stop complaining about it and get on with what made getting up when it is cold and dark better.

Southern Style Chicken and Dumplings!

I woke up today to find that D had been busy in the kitchen making her grandmother’s chicken and dumpling recipe. Points wise I took from the recipe D built on her Livestrong. The grand total was 14 points+ for the extra tasty and hardy amount I ate. I estimated a little over that just because her cooking usually is a lot of guesstimates and pinches of this and that.

Oh it was so warm and comforting. D was such a sweetie for making it.

The recipe as I understand it starts pretty simple with a pot of water, chicken legs, a breast, and thighs. Add in some carrots and other stuff (you see how much she tells me about it) and let it cook down till the chicken is cooked to the fall off the bone point. She removed the bones and such and adds in pieces of biscuits and cooks them until they float or something like that. I am not much of a “Southern Cook” even after 7 years here in Nashville.

On a side note… Look at this face! Bailey is trying to help me blog 😉

Well I’m off to relax with Ms. Pitiful before heading in to work. Nighty Night all!


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