Biggest Loser Casting Call

Hi all you lovelies out there in Blogger World!

I know I’ve been gone for a while but I’ve just been working on having something interesting to write about! (I know, I know excuses excuses!)

These past few weeks I have been really just living the program and trying to find new and exciting foods and work outs that work for me.

Stats are always interesting so here they are

As of week 8 on Weight Watchers

  • I am approaching 20lbs down!
  • I have really started to feel a difference in my body
  • My Jeans are loose as a goose!
  • Oh and I have signed up to do a 4 mile what to support MS research on 4/9/2011

So lots of positive things have been happening in my little corner of the world. To top it all of I finally have something really fun to blog about!

Who wouldn’t love to have the chance to be on the Biggest Loser?! Even if you are already super fit, could you imagine having weeks and weeks to work on becoming the healthiest  you can be? Well my crazy friend Kelly called me up last Friday afternoon and said “Hey We are going to go try out for Biggest Loser tomorrow!” Why would I ever argue with that!?!?!?

We made a plan to meet up and make something fun to wear (cause that is how we roll, and to work on the 15 page application that we downloaded off the Biggest Loser site, that we found out later we didn’t need 😦

We worked so long on our application that we didn’t even leave my house to go off the Wally World for matching out fit supplies until 12am! We ran around that store like crazy women and came up with men’s 4xl gray sweat suits (true story they cost us like $6 bucks!) Pink Headbands and Wristbands, and Pink Puffy Paint.

Once we made it home I was beyond delirious and ready for bed but first we had to create our AWESOME outfits. We finally got to sleep around 2am and were back up at 6am to be out and headed downtown at 7am. We had originally planned on being there at 5am but there was no way that was going to happen!!!!

I guess I should show you all some of the great pictures we took that day (more rambling on our adventure to follow ;))

My Future Pink Team Teammate

It was uncomfortably cold when we got there and there was already a huge line!!!! The first lady in line got there at 5pm the day before (sorry lady but I’m not about sleeping outside downtown ;))

Super long line of fatties!

The Auditions were held at the War Momorial Auditorium. A really cool and regularly over looked grecian style building in downtown Nashville… I will need to head back there soon to take some more pictures 🙂


We took some time to survey our “competition” and were really surprised to find ourselves on the smaller end of the size scale. It was incredible to see how many seriously obese people made it out that day. It made my heart genuinely hurt to see so many people who could barely stand or sit, and we heard some really incredible stories.

We somehow managed to keep ourselves entertained by people watching and socializing for 7 Hours!

I sang to my self a lot, turned down pamphlet from those crazy “supplement” people, told Kelly allllllllllllll about the people on my blog roll (specifically Danica cause of her love of the show) 

I won’t lie and say that we were as perky and happy when we finally got to the doors to audition. It was a looooooooooooong 7 hours with some of the people around us 😉


Kell contimplating our winning strategy

The line for us started 179 people away from here 🙂

When we finally made it in we weren’t able to take pictures. Basically they lined us up for another 20 minute wait while the casting directors at lunch (speaking of lunch we were dying of hunger!!!)

They escorted our little line of about 10 people into a room and one very perky skinny lady named Joy asked us a bunch of questions in a round table sort of way. Then she went into a speech about how this is just one way to lose weight and if we didn’t make it we need to find the strength with in ourselves to make our dreams come true. Really I couldn’t decide if it was inspiring or condescending. She was nice enough but I mean I wasn’t putting any more than a saturday morning into this so eh I don’t know… I was probably just cranky from standing 6.5 of the 7 hours (a personal challenge to my self) and from my lack of food planning…

We waved good-bye to this experience and have some pretty funny pictures and wicked fun outfits to look back on..

Be back VERY soon with some weight watchers stats, food and a See it Sunday post.




Would you or have you ever tried out for a reality show?


What are your feelings of crazy outfits in public?


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