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Getting into the swing…

Well Hello Bloggie Friends! I’ve been a huge blog slacker lately. Work has been crazy but it is finally Friday so time to catch y’all up on how things are going. And show you my extra yummy oats….image

I am really happy to say that after a month on Weight Watchers I have lost 12lbs! On my way to my goal aka “Onederland” (anyone else love those Aqua girls on Biggest Loser?)

At first I was kinda driving myself (and D) crazy trying to the program “perfectly”. I don’t know what I was thinking because the best thing about about WW is that you can make it your own so there is no one “perfect way”.

Basically I’ve been eating when I’m hungry, but only when I am truly hungry. I’ve been working really hard a regonizing my bodies hunger ques. Since I am losing weight I am guessing its working. I’m working on getting the most value out of my points and using my plus points for non whole foods and for any eating out or adult beverages.

I want to come back later today about how I am working the program in to being a broke biah! I’m definatley putting that on my to do!

Ok I’ve been rambling and the cloud covered sun is setting… Time to finish my yummy pumpkin almond oats and take big dog (whose on her own weight loss program) for our 2nd walk of the day…